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Do you suffer from Chronic Nostalgia?

Last week, I returned from a 5-day break in Queenstown with my Boyfriend and some of our friends. Within mere hours of landing back in Wellington, I was already going back over all the photos and posting them on Instagram with the obligatory ‘take me back’-style captions.


The group of us in Queenstown had all met in Melbourne a few years ago where we all worked together in a busy bar which, inevitably, led to lots of post-work misbehaving in the vibrant bar scene over there. We spent a good deal of our break laughing (over a fair few wines) about our antics, recalling all the stupid things we’d done, all the people we’d met, all the rules we used to break at work… we even got sentimental over the arguments we’d gotten into and the bad times we’d had. It made me think, nostalgia is such a strong feeling it can infiltrate even the smallest and silliest of memories.

Even on the flight back I was starting to feel it, I was getting nostalgic over us getting nostalgic in Queenstown… Was this nostalgia inception?! Where would it end!?



I quickly realised, I suffer from chronic nostalgia. I’m a sucker for a #throwbackthursday, I love a good catch up with old friends about what we used to get up to and I am always looking back and pining for past trips, events, meals, parties… sure, a little bit of this is good but when should you stop the reminiscing and live in the present?


With Facebook and TimeHop reminding us every day of what we were up to this time 1, 2, 3 years ago, we can’t avoid the memories and can’t seem to help living in the past a little. Whilst I do think a little bit of indulgence into the ‘good old days’ is a fine thing, there comes a point where you have to make sure you’re enjoying what’s going on right now. So from now on, I think I’ll make a concerted effort to live in the moment, really take in all that’s going on around me. It doesn’t help that I’ve got such itchy feet that, even while on a Working Holiday here in New Zealand, I’m already always thinking of the next trip, the next adventure, the next destination. Not only is my half my head up in the clouds reminiscing on previous adventures, the other half is off booking and planning and researching my future ones. I need to remind myself that I worked hard and planned and saved for this trip; I’m on an adventure right now, soak it up! Even if you’re at home right now, don’t let too much nostalgia or ‘next destination addiction’ ruin all the fun things going on right on your doorstop. Of course, looking back on fond memories is important and having a trip planned is without a doubt the best feeling, it doesn’t mean you have to forget about all the amazing things going on where you are right now.

So the plan of action for me is to get my head out of its nostalgia bubble and really embrace being here in Wellington… and if that means exploring more, trying new restaurants and sampling local wines… hey, that’s OK with me.

But first maybe just a few last #throwbacks to beautiful Queenstown…


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