Capital Market Wellington: A Foodie’s Dream

I, like most other foodies, bloody love a good market. The sights, the smells, the atmosphere, it all just puts you in the best mood and gets your hungry little tummy yearning for some seriously good eating. Whether it’s buying fresh produce from stalls upon stalls of shouting traders or sampling one delight after another from food trucks and local chefs, there’s not much that beats a stroll around a food market. Having recently lived in both London and Melbourne, this time of year’s got me dreaming of Melbourne’s Summer Night Market every Wednesday at Queen Victoria Market (not to be missed if you’re there over summer) and the oh-so-dreamy wintery Christmas markets back home in the UK, so when Capital Market Wellington invited me to come along to their Food Fest and judge some dishes I jumped at the chance.

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If Only Every Meal was the Tasting Menu at Logan Brown, Wellington…

I’ll get right to it: legit the best meal I’ve had in New Zealand so far. Worth the hype, worth the price (although it’s fantastic value for money in terms of both quality and quantity, it’s still more than you’d spend on your average dinner), and worth a trip into Wellington if you live further out (and by further out I mean literally anywhere in the world). A week on and I’m still in a post Logan Brown daze. I keep remembering bits from the meal. I’ll be mid-drool over the UNBELIEVABLE venison and then suddenly remember those silky smooth oysters or the first taste of the butteriest of buttery ravioli…. but I can’t forget the wine… and that salmon…. Perhaps embarking on this blog post was a bit too much for me, I may need a lie down.

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Living to Eat vs. Eating to Live

I was once asked if I eat to live or live to eat.  Not really thinking much of it, but knowing how totally food-mad I am, I knew the answer was that I live to eat. Of course. Then, a few weeks later, I was scrolling through one of the fifty million fitness accounts that I follow on Twitter (because, let’s face it, everyone needs a little spurring on sometimes when the call of a cuppa and a slice of cake is so much more enticing than that of trainers and treadmills) and I saw a ‘motivational’ picture reminding us that we should definitely not live to eat or we will look like pigs (or so is implied)


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Developing my insatiable appetite

I’m sure most people would say they love to travel, enjoy good food and the feeling they get after a great workout. I know I’m not alone in these three passions and how I constantly crave the pleasure they bring. I can’t think of anything better than digging into an incredible meal amongst the backdrop of an exotic country, all the while knowing that you really can enjoy it because you have an active lifestyle (so why not order dessert…and a cocktail or five?!). However, certain things in my life make it easier than others to enjoy these three delights… Continue reading “Developing my insatiable appetite”

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Feast on Adventure

There are some times when restraint just won’t cut it and it’s precisely during those times when you have to raise a glass to appetite! Be greedy, have dessert, book that ticket, feast on adventure. I’m naturally very greedy and I pride myself on my appetite. I don’t just mean food (although – believe me – gastronomic indulgence is a huge part of my life), I’m hungry for anything and everything that gives me that feeling that I really am living my life and creating memories. Continue reading “Feast on Adventure”