Make Sunday your Best Day of the Week

It’s time to put an end to the madness. Too many of us good, hard-working folk are losing one (that’s 50%) of our days off to the Smonday feeling. You know the one… you’ve had a few wines the night before so you didn’t emerge from your bed until early afternoon and before you know it it’s 5pm and you get the dread. Sunday’s somehow merged into Monday. Cue the Sunday blues. They’ve got you now, and there’s no going back… Continue reading “Make Sunday your Best Day of the Week”


What’s Whetting my Appetite Right Now: My Ultimate Spring Lust-List

Last weekend the clocks went forward here in New Zealand. Spring has finally Sprung! Whilst the weather is still yet to really get on board, the longer days are here and the sun is sure to follow. Gone are the nights cuddled up inside not really doing much, it’s time to get out there, have some adventures and throw yourself into some new experiences. Here’s what I’m lusting over this Spring…

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Do you suffer from Chronic Nostalgia?

Last week, I returned from a 5-day break in Queenstown with my Boyfriend and some of our friends. Within mere hours of landing back in Wellington, I was already going back over all the photos and posting them on Instagram with the obligatory ‘take me back’-style captions.


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