The beautiful view at my Dad's house in Le Marche, Italy, where I have been lucky enough to spend my summers
My second home, La Bella Italia

My name’s Lottie, I’m 26, from the UK and have a huge appetite… To put it bluntly, I’m greedy. I don’t just mean for food (although it is always pretty high on the list), I’m hungry for travel, for adventure, for a challenge, for pretty much anything that reminds me that life is for living and that if tomorrow was my last day, I’d die happy.  I just want to experience everything life has to offer, and love the idea that there is so much out there I don’t know. This blog documents my greedy adventures and my enormous appetite for life because sometimes we all need to celebrate greediness and say ‘Here’s to Appetite’.

Those three words I long to hear - 'let's get mojitos'
Those three words any girl longs to hear – ‘let’s get mojitos’
My beautiful logo designed by the even more beautiful doodle bunny. Check out her Instagram for doodling inspo or head on over to her Etsy shop to get your hands on her stuff!

Instagram: @herestoappetite
Twitter: @herestoappetite


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