Make Sunday your Best Day of the Week

It’s time to put an end to the madness. Too many of us good, hard-working folk are losing one (that’s 50%) of our days off to the Smonday feeling. You know the one… you’ve had a few wines the night before so you didn’t emerge from your bed until early afternoon and before you know it it’s 5pm and you get the dread. Sunday’s somehow merged into Monday. Cue the Sunday blues. They’ve got you now, and there’s no going back…

So what am I proposing you do about it? Make Sunday your best day of the week.


Think about it, it’s absurd to think how many people spend one out of their only two days off dreading Monday. Obviously, there’s one obvious cure: ditch the job that’s getting you down and search for something that makes you view Mondays the way most people view a big slice of chocolate cake… but that might not be realistic. If you’ve got that, then *yay* but if you haven’t, don’t worry. Everyone goes through a stage of a not-so-great job that doesn’t exactly fill them with excitement. It’s how you roll with it that counts and with a little bit of organisation and some dedication to early-morning boozing, it’s really not that hard.

Here’s how:

Plan ahead on Friday

Realistically, it’s only really the first thing you have to do when you get to work on Monday that you think about when you dread it. Once you get to work and get stuck in, you know it’s not really that bad. If you can, start to think on Friday about what you can schedule as task number one for the week. Choose an easy, stress-free activity and suddenly going back to work doesn’t seem too bad.


Wake up early

Not really too hard to explain; the earlier you wake up, the more of your day off you’ll have. If you’re up and about at 9am, even if you do succumb to Smondayitis around 5, you’ve got longer before onset than if you sleep in til noon.


Go for a boozy breakfast

Sunday Funday is all about getting the booze in early. Monday’s gonna be even worse if you’ve got a pounding head, but the solution’s simple: get day drunk. Sundays and brunch are a match made in heaven, made only better by a Bloody Mary (or five).


Plan a fun activity for early Sunday afternoon

I don’t mean just do an activity, I really mean plan one. Start making a list of all the things you haven’t done in your city but have always wanted to, and decide early in the week to tick one off on Sunday afternoon. That way you’ll be looking forward to Sunday all week and it won’t seem so bad. #sundayfunday


Schedule something with a big group of friends

Sundays are normally all about quiet days with just a few people. Get calling and schedule a big get together for a Sunday afternoon. There’s nothing like a big catch up to make you forget about work. Get the whole family together for a huge Sunday roast (possibly the best meal of the week) and spend hours eating, drinking, laughing and definitely not being worried about Monday.

Head out for an early dinner

If tricking yourself into forgetting it’s Sunday doesn’t seem realistic, try tact two: tricking yourself it’s later in the day. If you head out for an early dinner around 5:30, by the time you’re done you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much evening you still have left. Clever eh? Plus, it doesn’t get much better than a late boozy breakfast, a catch up with friends and then an early evening feast. Yum.

Plan for a cosy Sunday night


Sure, the day is all about having a few drinks and hanging out in a big group but the evening is for winding down. Trust me, you don’t want to get so sold on pretending Sunday is Saturday that you face Monday morning with a Sunday-worthy hangover. No thank you. So once the sun goes down, head home with your SO/BFF/Family, snuggle under the duvet and take it slower with the wines. Start to taper off and before you know it you’ll feel that lovely dozy feeling sinking in. You’ll have gone from dreading going to bed because it signals the end of your weekend, to shmushing into that bed totally content and full of joy.

Come at me, Monday.


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