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4 Months in South America: Itinerary and Budget

Let me start this post off by saying no amount of time travelling around South America is enough. However long you stay, you'll wish you could stay more. It's the most amazing continent. That said, we're all restricted by time and/or money (sigh) so here's the lowdown if you've got some money in the bank, a couple of months spare and want to have the trip of a lifetime.

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What’s Whetting my Appetite Right Now: My Ultimate Spring Lust-List

Last weekend the clocks went forward here in New Zealand. Spring has finally Sprung! Whilst the weather is still yet to really get on board, the longer days are here and the sun is sure to follow. Gone are the nights cuddled up inside not really doing much, it’s time to get out there, have some adventures and throw yourself into some new experiences. Here’s what I’m lusting over this Spring…

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The 8 Types of People We All Meet on Our Travels 

Without a doubt, one of the best parts of travelling is the people you meet. Every backpacker will agree with me here. Now obviously one of the fantastic things about this journey is the diversity of people you become friends with and travel with along the way; an eclectic mix of people you might not necessarily be friends with back home. Yes, the people themselves are all different and weird and wonderful, but I’ve found they do fit quite easily into certain types…

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The Ultimate Guide to Having Enough Money to Travel Long-Term

‘How do you do it?’, ‘I wish I could do what you’re doing!’, ‘I just wouldn’t be able to afford it’… the reactions I get when I tell people I’ve been travelling and living abroad since I finished University in 2014. Actually, yes, you absolutely can travel for longer than you thought…


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Do you suffer from Chronic Nostalgia?

Last week, I returned from a 5-day break in Queenstown with my Boyfriend and some of our friends. Within mere hours of landing back in Wellington, I was already going back over all the photos and posting them on Instagram with the obligatory ‘take me back’-style captions.


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The 10 Phases of Going Travelling with your Significant Other

Travel with SOPeople often say that packing up and heading on a trip with your Significant Other is the ultimate test of a relationship. Travelling together’s on another level to other milestones like moving in together – you definitely learn a little more about each other when you’re together 24/7, often in close quarters. You’re sure to encounter rough times, tough decisions, conflicts of interest and, above all, experience incredible, life-changing adventures together; what better way to see if you really are compatible. Plus, there’s the inevitable food poisoning that comes hand in hand with it all and, let’s face it, if you still love someone while they’re face down on the bathroom floor covered in… I won’t finish that… then they’re probably a keeper.

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